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    Wii's blue light!?

    oohh ok, well thanks for the info. ^_^
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    Wii's blue light!?

    Hey this is a stupid question and i mean, i dont really care that much about it, but i was just wondering if it was my Wii that was malfunctioning, when i look at the box and on the commercials, the wii's blue light on the front is constantly glowing, but me it only stays on for a sec when i...
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    Zelda Fan Club (ZFC) Join Now!!

    Zelda fan club I'd be crazy not ti join, I'm in! :cornut:
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    Countdown From A Million

    999,118 Peekaboo!~
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    Mario Strikers or SSB?

    Hi,I'm gettin my Wii very soon and I wanna know if Mario strikers is worth buying for online play? Because i know that SSB is coming out soon and everyone is excited because its online so I was just wondering if you guys would still play alot at mario strikers online even if you have SSB? My...
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    Thats exactly! what I've been doing for about a week and now im getting mine this weekend, but the first time the Wii got out my friends said it sucked so i aid it ssucked too lol, but now its totally different, Wii is the best!
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    How do i play music on my wii?

    Maybe thats a question thats already been answered and it sounds really noobish, but can you listen to your tracks while your playing a game, like Mario strikers or something like that???
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    Sexy new costumes

    Wow special costumes, thats awesome, I thought only the colours would change, I'd like to see kirby's special costume, if he has one :crazy:.And Fox looks really cool in black!
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    Same for me, when i said I was going to buy a Wii all my friends said I was stupid, I guess like the other guy said mario dosent have a rifle so they say hes for babies lol And im kinda asking myself the same question as you, *Why am I friends with these people* XD
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    Peekaboo everyone! XP

    Hello people of wiichat! My name is Max but you can call me Inuzaki i guess, I'm getting my Wii this weekend Yay! And i just thought i'd join a forum so I could be ready when i get my Wii and stuff :P First two games Im getting are Zelda Twilight princess and Mario Galaxy I just cant wait...