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  • I added you in MKW. Add me:
    Mario Kart Wii: 0775-4288-4650
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 0860-3017-4218
    MY WII CODE-0140-1535-2059-4664

    COD 5 CODE-223516221956

    BRAWL CODE-176292923958

    Drangonball z TB3-210679793373

    THE CONDUIT CODE-4297 1642 4858

    THE GRINDER CODE??????????

    MARIO KART WII CODE-266486419129

    RE5 WII EDITION CODE-????????

    PSN ID:REjose4 add me
    my Mario Kart code is

    sorry I haven't played mario kart for so long i don't remember if I put in your code or not.
    hey, i tried to add you on ghm but it said invalid so yeah.
    mario kart: 0431-6503-6323 :]
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