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    Most Epic Game

    Yeah its cool dude. I understand alot of people joke about WoW(although its mostly people who have never played it passed level 40) Same reason I quit. But I still consider this to be one of the greatest games anyone can ever play
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    Most Epic Game

    If your serious, then yeah Im serious about thinking World of Warcraft is a seriously epic game.
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    Most Epic Game

    ..World of Warcraft!
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    Unique Wii-mote problem.

    You sure the sensor bar is connected properly?
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    I have this problem too. Started seeing them after I left WiiConnect on for 2 months. I think it has something to do with the internals overheating or something. Unfortunately the only way to fix this problem is to send it back to NintendoX_X. edit: Btw the sprcks usually only happen when...
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    Preorder suprise?

    If they have a legendary equal version for SSBB like Halo 3 did Id definately get it
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    Smash Bros Site Discussion

    whats wrong with that
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    Smash Bros Site Discussion

    yeah so no Falcon yet.. makes me sad
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    Disturbingly Accurate Character List: Or your Money Back

    Did this really need another thread
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    ^^ Quoted for truth and
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    Request: DP fighting Jin in Samurai Champloo (Ep26) =) edit: ^haha yeah that could work
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    House M.D

    Season 4 X_X
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    ROSTER LEAKED? You Decide

    **** yes
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    Youtube Videos

    I thought this guy was pretty good and funny at the same time Skip to 1:00 for awesome