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  • aha you talked! Sorry I never got it earlier, wasn't concentrating on my visitor messages
    lol why? Your the one who always "your gay!" and stuff then after that your like "can we stop pleaze?"
    Hiya retarded fool!
    "LOL JK!!!"

    Did a you there, see how retarded? lol would explian why I said that!
    Want me to use a Marth, a little, too? I use to be pretty decent with him. The only problem I have with playing is if I stop for even a week my skills are about halved :p. I guess it's worth it though, since I'm good (if not great) at everything.

    Also, I can't use that site while playing, but I can during breaks (computer = office, TV = living room).
    I think I have you on my list, right? If so, than sure. I'm willing to have a match, if you want, just reply (if you were talking to me in the first place).
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