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  • i quit playing for im in smash and some animal crossing XD
    srry about 11 day late response, i have mwr but i dont play wii anymore right now, ive been playing mw2 on 360 since christmas
    hey man is this smrpg team good?
    mario:lazy shell heros shirt and that thing that let mario jump on anything
    peach:frying pan lazy shell armor and something to boost her power
    geno:star gun heros cape and nothing else
    all of mwr players, i am 1 of the 3 leaders of ToS
    we are looking to recruit GOOD players, noo noobs
    we just started maybe a month ago and we already are 33rd on gbs
    if you are looking to join please visit
    Ahhhhh, Mario Paint.... never knew how to play it.:lol:

    Don't Stop! Believing!:lol: Yeah, I like that song.:)
    Nothing really you know just owning noobs big time and I am 10th prestige level 65 in world at war.
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