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  • sure you can join..i didnt know u were registered to our site and yea make a gamebattles account and u can participate in clan wars
    u got msn mate? mine is

    we can use it to sort a game out if we get more people.

    Was playing last night and invites were flying all over the place.
    I got that message you told me to reply to. You're quite a good player tbh, but I think we both are on an even level :) in terms of skill
    Ok then, Invite me to your games and I'll join, I'm going upstairs to my Wii now, so I won't reply after this comment

    Cya there, prepare to get smashed XD
    Hello there,

    Yeah sure, I'll have a game with you =] What's your COD name, so I know who you are XD

    Mine's [Ninja]-Boz-
    cheers brothers fc 412493321151 5th pres lvl 62 [spongebob] ILL have to try and get my other brothers code but he is away for the weekend.He was on his 10th pres lvl 63 but spongebob erased it by mistake so he just staying on 4 strs his name [fubar]
    you worked me over in the private free-for-all last night! lol I was just trying to WATCH what you were doing, and you killed me several times! LOL
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