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  • Welcome to the Brawl training league.
    I'll add your data later but the format should be like this.

    Available Time:

    We are very friendly to new people so feel free to speak your mind just try to keep it at a respectful level.
    Also if you have matches with fellow students/teachers you are free to talk about it in the thread & give advice to each other & whatnot.
    Also the main thing is to learn & have fun :lol: yes sounds childish but it's true.
    Oh yeah. :) I pretty much forget who everyone is unless they use the same name here.
    Sup. I forget, what's your name on Brawl? I saw your post about our brawl in the rate your last brawl thread but I didn't remember.
    oh i saw your post's a couple times. i think we might have had conversation, anyways nice to meet you.
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