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  • Thanks for the invite, I joined the group! Missed the October 5th event, but will look up from now on
    TTT2 uses Ninty IDs, right?

    And no I don't own the game, sorry t' say. Just bein' the organization Nazi I always am, gotta have every thread in the right place.
    damn it i missed it again, been having a lotta deadlines this month. Will keep eye on this from now on
    Noted in my calendar! :) my mario kart fc is 4471-1515-9200, ill add your wii
    Hey, I don't have Mario Kart right now. I loaned it out to someone, Idk my FC I'll give it to you as soon as I get it back.
    I have both Conduits, GH: 5, WoR, Aerosmith, Mariokart, SSBB thats about it for what I can play online what do you have?
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