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  • Right... So I totally forgot how I can change my signature and such on this so for now posting NS FC here: SW-0891-3456-1801
    But Brawl is boring and unbalanced. -_- In Project M, Ike is a lot faster, and he can jump cancel out of his Quick Draw (as well as many other techs).

    I'd love to Brawl you, but, you'd have the advantage in every way. I haven't played vBrawl in what seems to be several months, so I'll be rusty as hell.
    But Project M is both free and doesn't have any chance of harming your WiiU in any way. :/

    Are you really sure? I would like to face you (in a Smash game) at least once.....
    Project M's files automatically unlock everything for you.

    Well, you never know. I'm barely a challenge even with a GC controller, so I'd like to see how you would fare against me.

    Well, are you going to try it out? At least try. Project M is amazing.
    Do you even play online? I have never been able to Brawl with you for all these years.....

    But yeah, Project M is a lot better than vBrawl. Roy and Mewtwo, along with a new Turbo Mode, will be included in the next version.
    It works on the WiiU too. Just use the Hackless version. Smash 4 might not come out any time soon.
    Have you heard of Project M? It's a Brawl mod and I like it more than vBrawl. I'll gladly challenge you to a match if you decide to play it.

    Also, post. 'Karpmod says it's perfectly safe to do that.
    No he didn't. I don't have my 3DS with me. Yeah I still Brawl, although I wish to tranfer my file to Wii U, but I'm kinda stuck cuz I'm not sure if it's safe to do so with a soft modded Wii.
    But he didn't delete you, right? Has he been online in a while?

    Also, do you still play Brawl?
    Wait, do you have to send a new Swapnote or can I resend one that I already sent him? Because that's what I did.
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