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  • And ya previously said he ain't that prideful of an individual... :lol:

    Snake agrees. I'm furious... outraged. Sick with anger, even.

    So, ya've called me by the ol' nickname and essentially referenced that I'm atheist. Why do ya know such things about me?
    Doublethink is a philosophical requirement, my friend.

    'Cause the legend is dead. :lol: Ain't no point in dwellin' on the past. Legends in sports don't say they still got it at the age'a 60, yeah? I look fondly back on those times, but I ain't one t' blatantly lie that I've still got it.

    ... Who's the hell's he leadin'?
    Often =/= always. Nor are my words clever, they're just a simple truth. Someone who constantly wears a mask and lies 'bout who they are almost always lacks depth... that, or they're just dirty liars. T'is my point, not that anyone should be quick t' judge someone based on first impressions or nothin'.

    If he's the best in a city and can't beat me without tryin', that's still sad. If that's just his pride talkin' in the form of johns, that's downright pathetic.

    Call me that again and you're banned. If ya saw my old nickname somewhere, you certainly know not t' say it... and if ya somehow didn't, now you do.
    ... Seriously? I take it he don't live in an urban setting then. If the best vBrawler in any city couldn't beat a decrepit, rusty old codger like myself, lag or not, then that city ain't of any repute.

    A man who can't be taken at face value is often lacking in value.
    Ya should have picked the name Martel, if you're going to call me sparhawk... honestly it would fit your character much better.
    Brawl Champion of where, ya school? :lol: One can certainly take pride in that, but ya tell Nox for me that bein' the champion over a bunch'a casual scrubs don't mean ****. Don't let 'em inflate his ego any larger than it already is, yeah? :p

    I second the notion. Big forums ain't my forte neither, I prefer 'em quiet. That, and larger gathering places are also moron-magnets.

    Considerin' ya have good grammar, that's 'bout all ya need t' do to not look like a n00b, amigo.
    His new girl?
    We're just friends. Even though he does give off a few...'remarks' towards me. And yeah I play around with him, but we are just friends.
    Well that's an interesting name... either you're someone else I know, or you're simply awesome...
    Prominent only in that I personally ensure my fishy face is everywhere. :lol:

    T' be fair, Wiichat was once the AiB for noobs. We had more active Brawlers than ya could shake a Beam Sword at, 'fore an unfortunate data loss accident literally killed the forums. =/

    ... Er, I guess ya wouldn't get that comparison since I'm assumin' you've never heard'a All is Brawl. AiB is essentially the most active competitive Brawl site. Go FC huntin' there if you're any good at Brawl. If you're a casual Brawler however, steer clear.

    Oh, and looks can be deceiving. The Brawl FC threads are indeed dead, but that's 'cause we don't get much new blood for Brawl these days. Regardless, we do have a few decent Brawlers hovering 'bout the forums. Post in the FC thread and you'll definitely get a handful of responses.

    So, what do you have t' do with Nox?
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