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  • So, where've you been? I'd ask why you've went inactive, but ya weren't ever active in the first place.
    Wait a second, where did you overhear this? And how does he know the random kid's skill level?

    EDIT: Oh. Scrubbishness. But how does he know the so-called "sparring partner" hasn't improved? Or, worse, gotten worse?
    Nah, if you already know my plan, it'll just be us two arguing over who's going to die first after everyone else does.

    No smiley? Aw, I was expecting another troll face or such from you...
    Why start a war when you can always just destroy everything yourself?

    And if you're having trouble doing it yourself, contact people with nuclear weapons to help you, and then kill them all in the end!
    You have a point.....however when the world actually does end, the pessimists can smile and say "My ancestors told you so."
    Lack of knowledge. Honestly there are tons of people that are going the wrong way in everything.
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