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  • I would challenge you, if I hadn't sold my Wii. Sorry not to get your message sooner. I wish we could've played together.
    Everything on the Internet is a possibility. Hell, everything in real life is a possibility as well, if looked at from the right perspective.

    When you reply, expect to get a reply. That is the way it works, at least to me it is.
    Majority of the time if I'm talking to someone I won't ignore them until they ignore me.

    EDIT: And what happened to being "friendless, as you should be?"
    But you don't have to. You know about the Conversation button, boy. Just scroll down.

    "I've considered many possibilities, but I can't possibly know which one is true. If I were normal, then there's the additional possibility of you lying to me, regardless of what you do, if you tell me what has been done and I trust you, then that means there is a fact in my mind that I cannot confirm myself, a truth that could change at any moment."
    You are trying to tell me not to read that, but assume that I am going to read it because you told me not to, but have you ever thought that I wouldn't click the link in the first place?
    Depends on the thing they are trying to prove. Some things in my mind will never change, no matter how convincing the person.
    Heaven and hell don't exist in my point of view. I don't believe in anything that cannot be proven.

    A name can't be spelled wrong, or else it wouldn't be a name, now would it? And "WiiAssassin" exceeds the character limit.
    So basically you are trying to defy every law so far to make yourself feel better.

    WiiAssasin doesn't stalk VMs, and yes, you spelled his name wrong.......
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