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  • You can't find all of the options if you're not doing it the correct way......but oh well. That won't stop you, will it?
    Now Firo is a good choice for you... somehow it works perfectly... the count, not so much.
    Edit: You have perfected sounding like an ass...
    You aren't so active on the forums, and even if you were, no one checks the dead threads you post in.
    I was quoting myself, to imply the statement was still valid.

    Which is t' say, take my advice 'n stop needlessly involving the rules in your drama.
    I'd love t' play that game actually, as ya never gave me a proper retort t' that statement... that, or ya could simply not retort at all.
    You're free t' act however exaggeratedly dramatic ya like... just like you're doin' right now. But when you bring the rules into it, ya won't have an account t' act on for much longer. Keep that in mind next time ya want t' be all enigmatic.
    That's why everyone should be hippies! Because they have lots of love and are lazy! >;C
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