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  • Lol @ lives indeed.

    If you just loaded up Gecko OS, it's s'posed to do that. Press a button on the Wiimote a few times and it'l turn back on. Otherwise, I've no clue.
    So ya've taken a liking to it? As one would expect.

    Personally, it depends on my sleep schedule. Currently I'm on a spectacularly normal sleep schedule (awake early mornin', asleep 'round midnight). I'm often free most'a the day for some Smashin', though you'll have t' catch me first naturally.

    As for everyone else, you'll have to ask 'em directly since they actually have lives... and also school.
    Who? Odds are I'll agree with ya, as I love most'a the character-specific changes P:M made. Be them buffs, nerfs or entirely new movesets for the Brawl newcomer cast.
    Just like in Melee. 'Sides, you're s'posed to momentum cancel when hit and therefore can air dodge afterwards. It ain't dumbed down, it's made less dumb. Brawl's metagame was all 'bout abusing certain mechanics, 'specially the ledge. That nonsense was removed, and while everyone has a different opinion, mine is that this makes the game better.

    Just give it a chance bro. Took me awhile t' get used to it too. On day one I couldn't perform a combo for the life'a me; or sweetspot the edge. Or edgeguard. Or anythin' that takes skill. :lol:
    P:M is loaded on the Wii U just as it's loaded on the Wii; ya don't need homebrew or any other hacks. I play P:M on the U myself since my Wii can't handle dual-layered discs these days.

    P:M can be loaded through the Smash Stack exploit (detailed in the Install Instructions bit, although the exploit is never called by name), which literally requires just an SD card that's Wii (U) compatible. Absolutely no soft or hard modding, no traces left behind Ninty can irk ya over. Bloody easy too.
    Still play brawl? Lol I just kinda got back in it. Suck so baddddd
    I'm sure ya know by now, but if ya don't, Prinny accidentally deleted it.

    And no, I don't know how he managed that. :lol:
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