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  • right....i came back to get the forums alive again...its ashame a good forums to go to waist. How you been?
    add me mariokart code if u up for a race 0861-7922-1531 ill need yr num if ya wanna race sometime please lets race
    Western "times"? I think you mean the west in general, it's still in the same time period; or should I say 5 years later, but details... =P What, not a fan of cowboy-samurai? :lol:

    They promised wi-fi? ... What kind of wi-fi, DLC or even worse, scoreboards? XD

    Trust me, they didn't kill it. The gameplay is exuberatingly spot-on and excellent. I believe they've made it better in EVERY aspect. I don't find the fact of a fresh new change of scenery killing the game to be true, either. :lol: Atleast rent it if you've got a Motion Plus. =P
    OK, I understand that. But I specifically said what kind of race are you? OK...scratch that! What color is your skin?
    'Sup Kop? =) Everything is fine ATM... Can't say life was good a few days ago, but all's past, yeah?

    Pokemon is... non-existant competitive wise. Been too busy to put my attention into anything but HG. I finished HG recently, just getting into SS now. You've got your hands on atleast one of them, yeah?

    "Everything else" falls into the category of fucking around, so all is good. It's been over a month since I've had the chance to relax. Savoring the moment, really. :lol:

    So, how are ya? :)

    By the by, you play Red Steel 2? It's epic. E-P-I-C. I've got skill with a blade, but I can only dream of slashing someone sky high, sniping them as they crest, and planting a tang through their chest. XD
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