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  • i take that as a yes lol

    ... I was hopin' I could have more fun with the whole "salt" bit. Trolling > being acknowledged as the winner

    Ya've the wrong idea. I ain't johnin' that one loss I had on Hyrule, considerin' I had at least two wins on Hyrule. That stage is mighty unbalanced. None'a those matches deserve t' be counted as anythin'. More importantly, I just-plain don't like the stage. I'd rather play on FoD. So yeah, if ya don't choose that stage when we Smash, I'd be mighty grateful.
    ... Is that a reference, or just your usual random ramblings?

    Oh. You very much did have a choice; I wouldn't of cared if ya left without warning lol. T'was irrelevant t' go through the process of changin' your taunts.

    Now then, back to the salt.~ You do realize ya only won two matches outta our entire 1v1 session, yeah? That one match on Hyrule, and another really early on that I don't remember anythin' about.

    ... Speakin' of Hyrule, **** that stage. Don't choose it ever again, I hate it with a passion ('sides the nostalgia) lol. T'was why I refused to approach in that one Bowser ditto. The right side'a the stage with the wall and tower-thing is a death trap for stupid wall combos... and I can't wall combo worth **** lawl. Never got good at it since I always avoided playin' on stages with walls anyways.

    A valid point. But I'm askin' outta curiosity, 'cause I don't understand what in 'Karp's name that had t' do with anythin'.
    So much sodium. ♪

    On a less berating note, what the flyin' **** was that "four match 'deal'" nonsense you were on about? And who the hell plays to four wins/best of four (even numbers don't work in best of sets, ya dumb).
    I don't like salt on my food, but I do enjoy what you're currently servin' me. Please, do continue while I lick my fingers clean of the excess win I stole from your dinner plate.
    No johns. I owned you, as is rightfully inherent. Good day, loser.~

    I definitely wanted t' change colors just t' switch things up. Havin' a partner you can't trust or count on is miserable... remember that one match on Skyloft? All he did was literally jump around for a minute. Not try t' attack you, not try t' jump in and help me a quick second against MR. Whoever had that dude on their team was fated t' lose... ._.;

    You're so salty. This makes me happy.

    Brb, gotta find some replacement 'fore they start dyin' regularly.
    Oh, that Mario color is what's causin' the desyncs. Since I originally got online t' Smash with MR, I didn't switch to my no-texture SD card... woops.

    Avoid pickin' that one for now.
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