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  • I find it hilarious that, of all the grammatical errors ya could've made to make that paragraph incomprehensible, it was probably the most minor one you've made in recent history.

    your english makes me laugh man lol
    ... ... ... But the 'Cube controller works for retro games.

    You imply Magikarp is edible, and that vegan hippies would eat meat. Your lack of logic is astounding, my friend.

    nvr say such things again plz also thugs dont talk like that
    ... Why would ya waste your money like that? ._.;

    I forget everyone's age 'cause I don't care 'bout such an irrelevant number. And I very literally mean everyone.

    Let's just say it has this sort'a... homemade quality. I can hook ya up if you're lookin' t' buy.
    Worse, by far...

    No worries. We can continue the conversation of ban hammers 'n guilt when ya return. Trust me, I won't forget about it.

    dat engrish again
    Someone already told me 'bout that. Too late though, I'm already semi-used to the CCP.

    Is that your guilty conscience speakin', afraid of gettin' banned for legitimate reasons?

    ... ... ... Your perception of English is beyond savin', bro.
    ... 'Cube controllers can't connect t' the U. I've been forced to use a CCP.


    I said should, not will. Don't make me second guess my bad decision.

    dat engrish

    I'll tell ya this weekend.
    I'll definitely be playin' a Smash game at that age... assumin' I survive that long.


    I should permaban you for implyin' vidya gaems are just for fun, ya anti-competitive dinosaur. Preferences are preferences, if you think ya can't have fun with Smashin' without items, think again.

    'Course it does, competition is bloody fun. :lol:

    A few days ago. I always join FFAs when they're available, I just don't enjoy 'em all-that much. 'Specially not in comparison to a good 1v1 with MR.
    > Implyin' a random who's (way) better than all'a us will... randomly show up.

    ... Good t' see your broken English hasn't changed one bit. ._.;

    I already have on multiple occasions. Most-every Smasher on Wiichat hates items; and non-neutral stages. ;_;

    FFAs on Final Destination with items banned are not at all awesome, no. What's the fun in a FFA if it ain't chaotic 'n crazy?

    I, the Scrub King am currently... uh, king of Wiichat's P:M scene. Though MR could steal that title from me in a heart beat if he really put some work int' his game.

    Nonsense, I just said I enjoy a good FFA. But FFAs get boring real fast since everyone else is the party pooper, and refuses t' have items on... ¬_¬ And the lack of competitiveness too, obviously.
    Oh, that's a shame, as I've been slowly improvin'. No leaps and bounds or nothin', but I don't press buttons quite as recklessly as I used to. But I'm still an aggrofaggot, thankfully.

    I wholeheartedly disagree. :lol: It's impossible to play seriously in a FFA, can't sate my competitive drive. Still plenty'a fun to **** around with characters I don't play 'n derp about with items, but I much prefer 1v1s.
    I most certainly am still an active P:M player; and I sure as **** ain't bored of it. :lol:

    Did ya step up your game at all in your absence?
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