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  • and no I don't think we've played before. But I wouldn't remember unless you schooled me. :yesnod:
    i use automatics too. for boards like the docks and archives. good reason why my kill ratio is 3.37. see you soon.:mushroomlife:
    I can easily guard 2-3 flags at any given moment. I am excellent with a sniper rifle. And I'm a level 37. Longest streak 29. Kill ratio 3.37. Also good at flanking snipers.

    F.C. 1626-7848-7909

    add me! user name is ethan kahn:mushroomlife:
    hey man i have played with u with dragonofHAMS wats ur fc mine is under about me on my profile
    sorry shadow I wont be able to play today, my internet is down until tomorrow. Hope to find you tomorrow at nite to play. next saturday Ill be playing around 14:00 hrs
    in around 3 hours Ill be playing today, hope to see u in to have some matches.
    I usually play on team conflict, I dont like heroes cause everyone goes to the same point, and the only good thing is that you get more kills.
    thx for visiting my page bro if u want to add me on goldeneye my fc is 1063-3935-7391. My id is [SS]SamiS
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