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  • Hey, Kingsley. Sorry for the late reply. My code is 2495-6230-2312. I'll add you today, guaranteed.
    Yes, add-me

    SSBB: 0647-3611-4602
    MKWii: 3353-7439-9163
    Tatsunoko vs Capcom: 2710-3733-8543

    still playing other wii games online? add-me.
    That's my old friend code lol from years ago. I have a new one but I'm not really on that much. And I don't add people idk on skype
    Yes I have you in my roster, but still with a question mark. Sometimes it takes time to register:zzz:
    I'll add you tonight before I go to bed. Also I will be hosting a Mario Kart Wii Special Event next Saturday at 2pm if you are free, GAME ON!!
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