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  • Hey are you? im a level 56, and im looking for active people to join a clan..are u interested?
    Known, this is urgent.
    The guys at OD wanted to move the war to today, so we're trying to get enough people. Can you make it at 4:00 EST?
    Knowny??? wtf, hey, why did you quit the game? I was an army of 2 on black box
    Yo, I added a while ago, if you get a chance add me 1346 2972 8747 Maybe you are on my list already. Whats your screen name?
    Don't worry on it. I'm having fun for the most part. I don't have the hang of heroes yet - sometimes I am deadly and other times I just suck. Then again, it's like that for almost every mode. heh.
    I don't mind playing Heroes - so its cool if you want to do so. I will just quit if the other team refuses to spawn.
    No problem. I got a bit pissed they weren't spawning Heroes. I finally quit 'cause my aiming was **** - like my system was always behind. But I would have quit anyway since those pricks were not spawning. That's why I prefer black box. idea what you're talking about. Yes i know both my profiles are 56? pointn me in the direction of what you're talking bout.
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