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  • koopa007 i play with you once if you can remember me if you do my name is sonic10147 you know that person who plays good and bad well add me 362131736447
    Hey Koopa, I am in the process of offering the [E5] group ownership to other people. I wasn't sure that you wanted to be a member of the group while it was in anouther person's position.
    Hey Koopa007, if you don't kow me ask any of the [E7] group members like [E7ofNine] Tempabndo, the owner of [E7]. I am not in the [E7] group, but I am a close friend to all of the group members, and I wanted to tell you that to send me a friend request, and sometime I will give you my GE friend code, thanks and have a good day!
    Just saw your idd in my fc list, prob. overlooked you earlier.
    And you name is actually easy to spot, others are changing there names so often these days, i don't know who's who anymore.
    Hey Roald. I thought I added it last night. I'll double check tonight. It was great playing with you yesterday. And yes, I think everyone got a little something from goon! LOL!
    Hey, there's this guy named RedCrow...used to be here on wiichat...any idea what happened to him??? :biggrin:
    Hey koopa sorry about using the ivana in our alast match, anyway ill be back in about 20 minutes
    k, i'll add you back l8 today.
    Can you add my lvl 34 as well?
    The FC is in my signature.
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