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  • Hey wasup do you know why wii shop channel says that it is currently unavailable in my region
    Hey, I noticed you were on so I was wondering if you wanted to add me on GE now? My FC is 1517-3988-6145
    Have fun, and no matter what you do don't go too far north if ya know what i mean;). And sorry for stealing that win at memorial.
    This is what treezy said "I was at level 33, but my Wii just broke yesterday and I'll have to get a new wii. So I'm going to have to restart all over again. So I'm going.to be inactive until I get a new Wii. Ill keep u guys updated on that issue. So tell everyone for me because I don't want to write this again."
    GE freindcode:293369430111
    Online name: XPLODE[ZR]
    LVL: 42
    I've taken the liberty of adding both your accounts, and i hope you'll add me.
    Hello Lord aede.i am spanish,my inglish is very bad jeje.I am AustinPowers in goldeneye.i added you in goldeneye.My friend code is 366317483153.You are the best!!!
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