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  • I also like Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
    That is the GameBoy advance version of Mario kart. The second ever version. It's not quite as balanced but it's not as frustrating and is better than the first version.
    They should make computer players drift and get every weapon, as well as the positions being random when you start (you start in last place and the other positions depend on your character).
    Oh yeah! I haven't in forever, I still need to play it again before they cut the servers :p I'll get on soon :)
    You're simply too far to be able to Brawl with me. I don't think it's something you can just "fix."
    Uh, no. The Project M thread's been dead for a while. With Nintendo Wi-Fi going down in May, we can't even play it online anymore.
    Nothing, quite literally. WiiChat's been really quiet lately, sometimes an entire day passes with very few posts in the forums.
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