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  • Arnold can clone himself and become a cyborg, he is god, bend down on your knees and praise him. >;C
    Well I shall make a new religion which shuns your religion as being false, like every religion states. Arnold has preformed many miracles, like time travel for instance. That beats walking on water any day! >;C
    Me and Arnold? Nothing really, Arnold is epic, I bend down on my knee's and worship him like a god. I pray to God for his protection, and shun the non believers! >:C
    What type of Sonic / what game or system including Sonic do you want to talk about?

    Just make a thread in the right forum. I'm sure there are plenty other Sonic fans on WiiChat.
    What makes you think that I'm a Sonic fan? Not that I'm not.

    Even though this is a Wii forum, we discuss many things here. Literally almost everything is a topic.
    You shouldn't. I can only expect some people to know. He just looks cool.

    I've changed it now, since that old avatar was a bit too big, vertical-wise.
    Try to control yourself next time, go for a walk when you feel angry, talk to friends and family about your problems. :)
    It was obviously Super Smash brothers, but it's an easy problem to fix. Why did you smash them? >:C
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