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  • Got a new Wii after my ol' one broke. :c
    085000025881 is my new friend code
    Barely at Lvl 11 ._.
    Ok. Hopefully it will work out, that was the only Sunday cat could do it, and Tampa already marked it in his calender lol. If not, we will set another one up. It took me a minute to talk tampa into it so we have to do one on the 17 th lol.
    Hey are u available March 17 early afternoon (EST),for the E7 Melee game not sure how that would work out with the time difference...
    Tried to PM you, says your messages are full -_- lol When you clear some space, PM dela for the E7 chatzy password, alot of us have been using that.
    I did the same right after you left D: We could have had 3!!!
    3452 0066 0427
    Tell me yours cuz you seem to have many accs. q.q
    I dunno if we're GE friends or not, but we should be. I see you on there a lot. My FC is 3888-5789-9966.
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