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  • I haven't been playing anything.. Theres nothing that has interested might just buy a wii u if like some type of new model comes out. Mario kart, and smash bros would keep me entertained for years..
    Yeah i think you can just tell a mod or something.(you probably figured it out). ill add you.:) accept blakplpnrainbows. i kinda miss smash, i miss the days everyone was on. but no plays it anymore or at least people i know. so it kinda sucks vsing cpus lol.
    My bad for not getting back to you. Just been busy at school and ****.. mostly laziness to tell the truth. KANON ROYCE KUNSIAL IF I REMEMBER lol. probably spelled it wrong but oh well. wanna play a game sometime? I got a ps3 if you ever wanna add. we could play black ops.:p
    man whatup! its been so long ugh. i lost my itouch so i couldnt message you anymore lol. & my wii i havent used in ages... can you use you psn now?
    well i do play but rarely because i hacked the wii and i'm playing all sort of games, but i will come back and play ssbb. and umm well with sonic the good tip i can give you is to do the side attacks and later with a smash attack you launch the opponent
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