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  • You don't have to say you're sorry. Sometimes I really don't like when someone tells me that. I am too trusting, but I can be agressive. Actually most times I AM agressive. I don't think it'll matter of a broken heart. A broken heart does't have to be from a no blood relation. I mean, my family treats me like ****, but I take it just to keep my head under a roof. They're kicking me out when I'm 18, but that's a different story. But you can keep your heart hun. You don't have to give it to me. Eevryone desevres a heart. Small or big. Fixed or dust. Either way, it's still a heart. But I'm fine so no worries hun.

    Also, sorry for the delay. I havent' been on the computer much.
    Uh... No silly boy. This is a different guy. We were going out for 3 weeks, then he went and had sex with another girl.
    I'm over it now, my heart is already emitted into dust...
    Sometimes I wish someone can bring it back, ya know?
    Aww, how sweet, haha.
    I've been good. I was recently heartbroken due to my now ex having an affair.... In bed..
    But other than that, I'm fine.
    And you??
    i actually think i doesn't sound emotional but i know how you feel when people are retardly stupid to do a 3vs1 when they don't know how to lose or play fair :/
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