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  • on a last note here on wii chat the recent brawl modification update known as project m is just about the only thing you will find me on the wii if you feel up for the challenge then you may send me a challenge message to fight me but you better be good dont waste my time this is my mast note here on this site have fun with the future of nitendo im not saying im not abondoning the company im just saying the way its going now im not very interested in it good luck to you all :D
    To everyone who visits this page
    if you wish to game with me you will rarely see me on the wii anymore but you can find me on the xbow 360 or the ps3 mostly the ps3 i am now know as KRONO115 both systems its with heavy hearts that i wil have to let go of the will chat site but i will accept one thing if you wish to challenge me to a game of Mario Kart i may partake in your challenge and for all who visit this page you will no longer find me here good bye wii chat
    I got a ps3 now so I won't be on so much on the wii but if you message my wii when ever I'm online i will post and post on my wii if you want to play me sometime
    ok how come nobody wants to play anymore expecially brawl iv received no messages from any of my friends whats going on people. its like its a wii depression or something lets play some brawl mario kart blackops i dont care just play me already.
    because im sick and bad timeing i might not go to my uncles this spring break its just bad timeing so if i dont srry everyone i really am.~_~
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