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  • I feel so distant from this site. its been years since ive got on (no exhaderations...) i wish i still had my wii. now all i have is a ps3,which is great,but i miss the past when i played brawl & c.o.d. with all of you guys:frown5:. i swear,i feel like im writing a suicide note :frown:. anyone who was my friend on here im just saying i'll miss & never 4get u guys,peace.:)cryin:)
    sooner or l8r i gotta get new TV, my TV is fudging up, the top part is effin mirrored so that is annoying, the very top of the screen is black. my wii is making stupid flipping "Buzzing" noise once more, my family is short on money right now, my dad retired and thats made things hard, my medical bill is a whopping 1,000 bucks and my job sucks, but hey this economy sucks. Yes I do have COD 4, but havent played for couple months. I read nintendo is making a wii version of Super Mario Allstars from the SNES days. But as I told my friend I only hold on to wii because of Zelda and Mario, but if sony bought Zelda or Mario i'd sell my wii and get ps3, But I might also buy a playstation Move or Microsoft's kinect.
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