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  • just goin through the usual spamming, you know how it goes, i post "farts to the max" everywhere as much as i can, get to about 20 posts, get banned for 4 months and the cycle starts over
    i bet you like lickin dicks bro

    penis penis bo benis

    lickin on my penis penis lickin on my penis

    Lmao, I've been playing some WoW: Lich King! and some Left 4 Dead, and and school! How are things with you? :D I'm not sure if I'm gonna stay like.. for awhile. Depends!
    LMAO I laughed through the entire thing. That was great. Ugh Cena really needs to go DIAF.
    Kurt Angle is rapping now? Damn I've been gone to long....

    We were gonna start on Monday, but you got the ball rolling. I figured someone was going to. But you were the last person I wouldve thought of..lol =P
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