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  • lol Steve the draft was a while ago. I posted that comment on Feb. 20th. Yahoo picked ur team for you. Might wanna check them out, you can still add or drop players throughout the season. Also trade with other people.
    Steve the draft has been changed to this Sunday at 8pm Eastern..be there or you will end up with Melkey Cabrera..lol
    Steve, a few of us want to bump the draft to Sunday 8pm Eastern, how do you feel about that?
    Hey Steve, wanted to let you know we got a lil wiichat Baseball fantasy league goin on. Its free, we are just doin it for fun. All the info is in the MLB thread. Hope to see you there ;)
    If you can find the pic of him with the link sword & shield you got yourself a deal :lol:

    I want him to have a text bubble that says(Birdmasterlv100 is my inspiration)
    Hmmm the background not so sure about definitely has to be funny though :D
    ha around chicago? where, like bedford park? tinley park?

    ha i live by midway ;] like 2 blocks away
    No problem, man! That's how I usually CnC in there.

    And thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.
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