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  • Lewi, it' good to know you finally understand what its like when some one with too much time on their hands imitates you. And to think, you took the piss out of me when someone did it to me.
    Ended up seeing it, and I had a good time. Very good action and effects, and I disagree with most of the negative reviews. The story wasn't hard to follow at all. Thanks for your advice bud!
    Hey Lewi, what did you think of Transformers 2 since you've seen it? Trying to decide whether or not I should go see it tonight with a friend. Thanks, cheers!
    ok. one more question, sorry to bother you. but when I go in from the side and theirs a defender in the way and I sort of want to cross it, do I chip it? Because for some reason when I lightly tap X (cross button for 360), it usually goes pretty far
    I still have my trial for ALS, I didnt activate it yet. so you use 4-4-1-1? Do you find it good for crossing?
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