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  • hey i saw u really like ssbb so i was wandering if u could help me i have online and i can get on for cod and everything else but for braw. it only lets me spectate and dosent bring me to any games with people when i join do u know how to fix that?
    -Yes I got your message
    - Thats pretty much the only reason I got the game. It's pretty fun, I play it from time to time..but It's been collecting dust on my shelf.
    - yes I have check mii out.
    Wifi: Smash Brothers, Mario Kart Wii, Animal Crossing.
    Non-Wifi: Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Play, No More Heroes, Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
    in order?
    -It's alright!
    -17, turning 18 in july. Woo!
    -CafeWorld is a game on FaceBook.It's REALLY addicting.
    ok, ok. But I'm messeing around on CAFEWORLD, so I'm kind of waiting on my food right now! hahaha ( I have like, no life whatsoever!)
    -No, I'm not, but I can add you right now. let me just change the channel really quick.
    - no, where'd you get that impression!? I think JAY thought the same thing, cause I got some weird visitor messages. :/
    -Whoops! Epic fail. :B
    - Wii BFF, That's hysterical!
    Um in order?

    -Cruel mode? You mean on SOLO ADVENTURE MODE?
    -Yup yup!
    - I own a laptop I bought a few months ago and I use it for drawing and for assignments. Don't worry, I use my wii for youtube if there's nothing good on tv or something.
    - Thanks! I've had brawl since it came out, It was EPIC. but I constantly reset my games so I can play them all over again and unlock all my stuff again. It gets annoying, but it's fun. :)
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