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  • Sorry for the delayed response. Busy weekend.
    Anywho, Majora's Mask originality is unrivaled in the Zelda series. But, that creates an oddball game that isn't a definitive representative of the Zelda franchise.
    Uhh... I had to check the conversation to know what you were talking about. lol! ^^" Anyway welcome back! which Zelda game is your favourite?
    We do not live in a hypothetical world. Refrain from using "what if's". Facts are all that matter. The fact is Ocarina came first.
    Another fun fact: Miyamoto, Zelda's creator himself, had very little involvement with Majora. And having Ganon and Zelda absent makes the hero of time's presence in-game a bit odd.
    Majora's Mask is most definitely a masterpiece, but it lacks the feel of a proper Zelda title such as Ocarina and SS.
    My favorite game of The Legend of Zelda series would be Ocarina of Time. It's the very first Zelda game I played on the Nintendo 64, i was just 7 years old. Good times! ^_^
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