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  • Aww.. It's okay. So what about skype. I sent u a message there but it still says pending. I got worried about ya. ^^' Just let me know if there's anything I can help with. :)
    Is everything okay? You haven't been on skype. Sorta missed ya. ^^ especially while playing Halo4 (infinity slayer all the way, no more flood :p) I'm following my pro bro Jeremy. :3
    Hey sorry I haven't been on but the skype on phone is bein crap eversince I updated.. >.>
    Life is doing great! ^ ^


    Old Linku Is Back! I was Depressed and did alot of things to hurt people but I was suffering from extream issues in my life issues so extream I wish not to talk about. I did alot of things but like this song expresses you have to suffer the bad as well as the good to truly find yourself. **hugs for all**
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