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  • i no, i use to watch it, even when i look back of that episode, all i think of is -creepy o_O- *look out side window* :D
    Hey nice brawl yesterday, I was Linku in Tragonight's game, the both of us where TL's and you where using Link. Whats your FC?
    Aww, but your Marth was great, I'll miss the poor fellow. My blue marth feels lonely now..
    Hey Axon, uhh there was nuthin wrong with my wii. It just wasn't at my place. But since Im crashing at moms place, I can play. ^^ I'll be on tonight, if u wanna brawl. :)
    heheh, I've gotten..! I dunno.. Probably a bit weak. But we'll see :D Nice avatar, did you notice that we 3 (u, me and Chaos) all have anime\manga related avatars? :D
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