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  • I tend t' go overboard with April Fools', don't mind me. Or anyone else who's gone all Cottonee (ba-dum-tssh!).
    Hey luckluck! I assume everythin's ok?

    Also, how did you come back and literally trash me in Post count? :lol:
    Wai-What!? Flight!? What f--.... Ohhhhhhhhh, I remember. 2 Months ago!

    Ya posted: In 2 months I will be back in Europe, so from then It will be 8 hours difference to you.
    Ya bought an English game while in Canada? If so, yeah. The good ol' Masuda Method. T'is how I'll get my shiny 'Karp soon.
    If ya didn't actually chain that Ditto and hacked it instead, release it. Earn your shinnies like a proper trainer bro.

    ... Also, shininess can't be passed down ya know. That only worked in Gen II when IVs are what determined it.
    I'd give up after the first try. :lol:

    Soft resettin' is no longer the best way t' get a breedable shiny, thanks t' the Masuda Method and Shining Charm.

    Any time.

    It's incubated, so you'll live lol. Only 'bout 500 steps, as I think there're only two egg cycles left.

    Well, that's ****in' weird. Ain't got a clue why ya didn't show up for me at first. Never heard'a that happenin' before.
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