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  • You have some friends that can do u good always be friends with mods I'm not sure if we've talked before but if we haven't wazzzzzzup
    Yep, Serebii's been the go-to hub for anythin' Pokemon for at least seven years now. Their content continues to improve, too.
    Yeah, that's fine with me. The wonder launcher sort of screws with the tempo of a good battle, so I ain't got any quarrels with having it off. :lol:

    Doesn't matter what level your Pokemon are so long as they're level 50 (or higher), fully evolved and have the moves you want 'em too. The Flat Rules will bring all Pokes down to level 50 so it'd be an even fight. :thumbsup: Though, the more powerful/event only legendaries are banned in Flat Rules, so make sure ya check to see if your team can play Flat Rules. If ya don't have a full team because of that, I'd be willing to drop a team member or two so that I don't have an unfair advantage. =)
    Oh, and the 'Karp mod happily accepts your challenge. :D Been ages since I've had a good battle, so put up a good fight, yeah? My White's Friend Code is 2451-3963-5549. Any time we're online at the same time, I'm ready to battle. Anything particular rules you want, or is it anything goes?
    'Ey dude, saw your question 'bout how to make threads. Go to the proper forum the topic of your thread belongs in, and hit click the big blue button that says "Post new thread".

    You probably don't know how Visitor Messages work either; click "view conversation" to respond to someone's VM.

    Enjoy the forums dude. :thumbsup:
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