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  • do you want to be friends online and play games together?
    if so, brawl fc is: 2794-5332-7516 the name is qualls and im going to add you on wii system:7849-5508-6360-5463
    hit me up with your friend code. got black ops!!! i tried to msg u but your inbox is full.
    hey wats up with u u running with us or not ? i thought were gonna stay together no matter wat.........................
    wel that will be pretty ;ong if u dont buy me some black ops hey wen u do get black ops come on mwr and tell me how it is and just visit me will ya?
    hey geton once and a whille woud ja? and can u get 2 copies of cod black ops and send it 2 me? i would REALLY apretiate it and wats ur online name u keep changen it
    november ninth hellyes son get 2 coupies and send me on ;) but in all seriousness my parents think i play too much so can u plz get 2 and send me one it WILL BE EPIC!!!!! ull b the best clan leader EVER if u say yes ill give my adress ina prvt message dont want no stalkers i already got 2 many of those lol happy killing
    yes i will get black ops dude sorry im in NF* lol if you wonde why im lvl 27 no prestige its cuz PsP Gucci reset my account cuz i was playing with him and i was raping him bad! lol like 30 to 0... etc.. he just got mad and reset all my stuff all my guns my prestige score kills rank everything....
    yeah i got it.i mite start 1 through wii chat 2 c how it comes out.we'll c what happens.
    wat do u mean u dont want 2 take a chance and try 2 get on cod more im ALWAYS on lol so yeah did u get my message about my friend doin a logo?
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