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  • im letting every 1 know that clan [HeRO] is going 2 BLACK OPS so let me know if u want 2 join r clan.
    hey there im a mate of halo300o, he mentioned to me ur starting a clan, i just wondered if you have any free spaces for new members then let me know. cheers.
    hey so i got a friend who is a really good artistand i was wonderin if she could make like a logo or some sh1t wat u think and u got a website yet for dis clan cause thatl get our name out their
    hey Im no longer KC Darkfox now im NF*Darkfox lol sorry but i dont check this site 2 often add me dude 2028 6497 1323 lol you can join us if you want lol
    oh ok its just i saw ur group things and i thaught u were in multiple clans well ill try and recruit people and ill tell u if i get any bitters happy killing :)
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