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  • there really isn't a lot of hackers on mkw anymore
    at least not as much as before only the idiot noobs

    like two days ago when i tried to meet up with you
    me and serari ping were racing in a regional race
    and we join up to hackers who just used infinite bullet bill the whole time
    so they beat coconut mall in like 46secsonds
    i raced on bowser castle 3, mario circuit 3, and we did a rainbow road
    then this person bumped me off the road and i came in 8th place LOL!!!

    and yeah FINALLY!!! man that was fun and you squashed me on n64 mario raceway lol
    i was like "NOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo" then i came in first still xD
    ok i recorded the first race we had on dk jungle parkway!
    i'll get to work on it either sometime today or tonight or tomorrow
    OH GOD!!! i figured out the problem!! im so stupid and im so sorry man
    ok I was on the WRONG license!! its because i have two mkw license accounts

    ok im ready to race now im so stupid and im sorry again
    and yes you are correct about the fc thing
    ok so i have you on my list
    with a mii named EC2*Jeremy and the your fc is 0303-1550-5462
    is that correct?
    should i just delete my license and re add you? because this already got me not mad but really pissed

    idk whats going on but each time you say im not online I really am
    ive been on since the morning
    wtf!?! im online right now like right now!!
    ive been on since like 10am my time
    and it still says EC2-JEREMY it didnt say GM-jeremy

    why is this happening?
    im in a world wide race right now
    i said i got my butt handed to me by some players on mario kart wii that were from australia i lost about 200 VR T___T
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