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  • I was online the whole time
    are you sure you even have my correct account on your friends list?
    thats why i got off of wiichat to play

    and well i got my butt kicked by some online racers from Australia T____T
    i just lost on one of my favorite tracks Bowser castle 3 T___T
    i was on the speed up ramp jumps and a bullet bill came
    and hit me off the track!!!

    i came in 10th place out of 11 players T________T
    no its fine its just the wii was being used now im getting on
    and hey happy early birthday man hope you have a good one

    im getting on right now to so if you are still on i'll join you
    umm anytime before 5:30Pm my time today is good.
    and yeah that mario kart black video got some views oh and a lot of people like the custom song to the stage lol
    sorry i logged off to do some other things
    and yes imma put those annotations on the video though its gonna be new for me lol

    man your VR is freaking high DUDE!!!!!
    i wish mine was like yours T___T
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