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  • hey Ricardo, sorry for not having the chance to talk to you but can u plz add my fc again, i added urs so u just add mine.

    my mario kart fc: 2665-8518-8900
    Im gonna play MK around 9pm (GMT-6), u r invited

    :thumbsup: Mario Kart: 3567-2077-2070
    :thumbsup: Tatsunoko vrs Capcom: 0346-5165-5167
    :thumbsup: GHero - Metallica: 3825-5056-8546
    :thumbsup: GHero - World Tour: 2407-9603-6509
    :thumbsup: GHero - Smash Hits: 3052-2982-5585
    Wii Console: 4635-0329-2147-8072
    Ssbb: 3867-7675-7515
    QofS: 3223-5226-7433
    MWR: 3792-5439-0324
    WaW: 3824-9993-1175
    MkW: 2364-5650-3445
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