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  • i dont like racing in games with 6ppl-, i play in rooms that are 7ppl-12ppl. also yea i have great 7,400vr rating with a NORMAL stat car/bike im not loser newb like rest ppl that ALL have use the Super car/bike to win, they think there good but they just newbs anyone can with win super car/bike. the real skillin racing is ppl like that ma that can win with a Normal stat car/bike THAT Driving SKILL. u should do the same & put away the super car/bike & learn to race with skill & use normal stat car/bike. where the speed bar is in middle NOT all way full like newbs super car/bike where speed is prity much caped, also normal speed car/bikes get bonus by haveing high OFFROAD =)
    wow.. I beat three people with over 9k rating... and a guest =P good games btw =D great racing with someone I know
    also livinflam i see we both added on mwk i see ur guy named question as my friend on mkw =) hope play soon.
    i added all ur named u gave me & idk if u added my MKW code on all of ur accounts. but i added friends with nother person & we both show up. so mabe u should re-add my code.
    the code I'll use for now would be question... here it is again 4727-8058-5640. When I get good enough again I'll switch back to my main and get it to 9999 vr =P
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