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  • Actually, I literally just stop P:M-ing with Mr. MR. Sorry man but I'm tired now.

    My Friend Code should be in my signature picture, which I sent you before, but I'll just give it to you again. Add me now to save further trouble.

    Yes, I already added you. I'm busy as well, just less so, I guess.

    Tell me whenever you have time and I'll see if I can P:M.
    Damnit, right when I was 'bout to play Wolf. Dx I sorely need t' practice 'em.

    Aye, GGs bro. Put in that there work and you'll definitely be better than me in due time, as I'd say your technical skill in regards t' movement 'n things such as tech chasing (both when pursuing and bein' pursued) are all developed better than my own. Spacing especially, I can be rather lackluster in regards t' that...

    Vengeance. :lol: ... But hollow vengeance at that. Once ya shake off the rust and unlock the potential, things ain't gonna be so one-sided lol.

    Ya should hit Mr. MR up for some P:M, he'd probably be a good match for ya. Ya could have some grand Ike dittos too.
    Internet had a big hiccup, sorry 'bout that. There's some fierce weather up North, so that's probably the culprit.

    For once the freezin' ain't my fault. :lol: Aye, I'll definitely be up for some Smashin' later.
    Ah, nearly forgot t' tell ya. Don't select Dracula's Castle nor Metal Caverns. Both stages freeze for me regularly.
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