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  • Hey, I've seen some of your videos how good you are with Marth.... I wanna challenge with you with BOWSER!!!!!

    But sadly, I don't have internet connection.... I'm just letting you know just in case if you want to challenge me.... Will you? I know you won't turn down on a Bowser Challenge.:devil:
    Yea x3
    I still have you added and I saw you on a few days ago when I was brawling my friend.
    We should play tomorrow D:<
    Heyyy!! add me back to Brawl's here's the code, what's yours? I got a new Wii
    yep n_n hes one of em Xp, how come u guys dont brawl anymor? tj is on like once a month hehe, took forever to bring him down X_T hes 2nd best wu has ever met
    wow ur videos amazing n_n, wu had u on rooster a while back wit Tj & hicks hehe
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