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    Drawn To Life

    Is "Drawn to Life" a good game? I just had my birthday yesterday, and I never bought myself anything, and I've been looking at this game recently. Does anyone know if it's good?
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    Animal Crossing DS

    this game is so freaking addicting!! I bought it around when it first came out and played it for like 10 months straight. I spent so many hours/days/weeks/months on this game. I even had all the ToysRUs giveaway things. I had so much stuff....the one thing I cant seem to get is Cube's...
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    its hard

    LOL!!! my friends and I say that all the time....ah, good times.
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    help with a good game for the DS

    oh, I already have Brain Age. and CoD4 for the DS? I thought it was only for the main consoles?
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    My Nintendo Member Ship

    This isn't true. You can possibly get those things. You don't get them just for signing up. I've been a member of Nintendo for a while now, and I have never received anything like that. Nintendo also used to have a forum, but it closed down back in september. Occasionally, they would hold...
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    help with a good game for the DS

    My birthday is today and I'm thinking of going and buying a new game for myself. Is there anything good out for the DS? I'm looking for a game that I won't get bored with easily. I have the Pokémon games, so they're out of the question...and all the "classic" ones like MDKS, MPH...
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    help with achievements

    Does anyone know an easier way to get these achievements? Mongoose Mowdown Steppin' Razor Maybe Next Time Buddy Two for One Killing Frenzy Triple Kill Overkill I'm having a lot of troubles with these. I've heard that they are the hardest to get. I read on another website that an...
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    1000/1000 Club!

    lucky!! i have everything that you can do alone. (I dont have Live just expired a week ago.) as soon as i get Live, i'll get the last few remaining achievements and get a perfect 1000/1000.
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    my eyes hurt

    try playing halo for 4 days straight (with at least a bit of sleep, obviously). I did this when I first got my xbox and halo1 and halo2. i got about 5 hours of sleep for those 3 nights in between. (5 hrs each night.)
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    phone help

    I'm thinking of getting a new phone and I can't choose between the Razr V3 and the Samsung T439. I have t-mobile if it helps, because i know that different companies have different Razrs. I did a lot of research in the past couple of days...and I came to this conclusion: •The extra...
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    PS3's bluetooth

    Is it possible to link up a Razr V3 with the PS3 through bluetooth to share pics and music and stuff? I'm wondering this because I am thinking of buying a Razr and I dont want to buy the software to add the drivers on my computer (which i heard was like $40 USD).
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    Fanboy Test: Are you a fanboy?

    Nintendo Fanboy: 61% Sony Fanboy: 31% Microsoft Fanboy: 31% This means you're: Nintendo #1 Awesome. I've always loved Nintendo, but I have all the systems. So I don't really consider myself a fanboy..but if I was. Then Ninty all the way.
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    Halo 3 DLC - Heroic Map Pack 12/11/2007

    awesome! i guess i'll wait for the free download. lol
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    Halo 3 ending

    no..... i beat it on Normal, and still saw the ending where he goes into cryogenic sleep. i havent even beaten the game on legendary or heroic yet....
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    Nsider making a comeback?

    i hope they re-open NSider!!!!!!!!! i miss it :( (btw, if anyone is from NSider, PM me!!!...i have the same name as i did there, if u remember seeing me)