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  • The neme of the company is called E5 inc. here is the website to it. So stop worring lol.
    People stop warring about this [E5] clan. [E5] is a company name. So I am not here to copy cat yaws LITTLE clan called [E7] or something like that. Thanks :)
    No I don't want anybody joining Koopa, the clan is inactive until the ownership offer is accepted.
    ummmmmm Thanks for you comment, but the group is really not mine to delete anymore. I have offered the ownership of the group to other people, there for I can not delete it. IT is still in my position, but if you would had asked me before I started to offer the group to other people, I would have deleted it. Thanks for your curiosty :)
    Hey, Im not one to speak for my clan or anything, but can you change the name of your clan please? I've noticed that you previously tried to get into E7, however recruitment is closed. You then proceed to make a clan called [E5]. It seems to me like your copying us. What does [E5] stand for, may I ask? Thanks in advance. :)
    send an invite to the guy named koopa something. He's in my other group but add him he says he'll join but that's it.
    yea im here. i just got on the phone for a while. I made a discussion about it in my other group.
    Hey Kristianj9 there is other clans called [E7],[E4],etc. So I made one called [E5]
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