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  • Consoles? Ps4 betta that Damn one 'cause there is no "red ring of death" on da station ya know?
    It's worth your time honestly. I learned practically nothing from School and I'm doing much better in College and I'm around people that I actually enjoy the company of IRL hence I'm not a total hermit anymore. It's worth the investment of time IMO.
    You gonna go job seeking or something then? I'm currently in college (We just grow up so fast!) and I'm looking for a HND so I can get a decent job and don't have to work at McDonalds or something.

    Good to hear you finished school, school sucks.
    dats wat they all say

    You ever try Project: M? 'Less you're sick of Smash as a whole, that'l likely rekindle your passion for Wii gaming. Certainly did it for me.
    How could I possibly forget anyone with an avatar like that.

    Fat chance'a Sho returning... he's probably gone 'n forgot 'bout Wiichat, not that Wiichat's forgotten 'bout him. Hopefully he'll remember to pop up one'a these days, if only for just said day.

    And speakin' of seniors poppin' in for a day... ... ... :lol:
    Ah cool, it just ain't the same without Sho admittingly, i'm sure most of us will remember him however.
    ohai MCL

    T'was the farts to the max guy, you definitely remember 'em, right? :lol: A new ban tool that's been implemented deletes everything a serial offender like that dude posts. I was first to grab the ban hammer, so I guess it showed my name as deleting his VM.
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