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  • Oh right, completely forgot.

    On a completely unrelated note, should I watch LotR first as nature intended, or the Hobbit?
    Thanks. However...

    What is M02?
    Is M05 from Megaman?
    Why is there a pause in the beginning of M06?
    Is M07 from Megaman, too?
    What is M08? And can you make it loop faster?
    Really? I thought this is the worst it's been, bar someone on either player's side also usin' the internet for things.

    I fear this won't be the last we see of that horrific lag. As ya've probably noticed, this lag ain't the same as it used to be: we've recently needed t' change internet providers. =/
    GGs, but that ****ing lag! ;_____________; Half the session was great fun, but the other half was e-hell. I count two matches that both of us did nothing but SD. T'was ridiculous.
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